Identifier Title Demo Summary
Astro - 001 Eclipse

A ball on a string and a slide projector are used to create the image of an eclipse.

projection screen with eclipse image
Astro - 002 Celestial Sphere

A physical model of the celestial sphere.

Celestial Sphere with Lesson Plan Book
Astro - 003 Ellipses

Magnetic pegs and a loop of string are used to draw an ellipse on a magnetic chalk board.

two magnets in a circle drawn on the chalkboard
Astro - 004 Hydrostatic Equilibrium

A series of magnetic disks on a vertical rod are used to demonstrate pressure at various distances

A series of magnetic disks on a vertical rod
Astro - 005 Comparison of Materials of Different Density

The density of different materials is calculated and compared.

2 Rocks of similar size, a metal ball, graduated cylinder, beaker, tray, and balance
Astro - 006 Light Intensity Relative to Spectrum

A 150 W light bulb in a desk lamp is connected to a power stat.  Students view the light through diffraction gratings to see that the spectrum doesn't change as the light intensity changes.

A lamp with no shade is connected to a power stat next to a box of diffraction gratings
Astro - 007 Telescope

A working telescope

a telescope
E&M: AC - 001 Lamp Brightness in LRC

A lightbulb in an RLC circuit is will show when circuit reaches resonance with frequency generator.

Function Generator, Digital Oscilloscope, Variable Capacitor, Variable Inductor, Small Light Bulb
E&M: AC - 003 Phasors

The apparatus from K: M - 6 is used to show phasors

Wooden Arrow Apparatus
E&M: AC - 005 Tesla Coil

A Tesla Coil is used to light a fluorescent bulb.

Tesla Coil
E&M: AC - 006 High Frequency EM Waves

This is identical to M: WM&S - 52 

Hertzian Dipole Apparatus
E&M: AC - 007 AC Lights Bulb, DC Does Not
E&M: AC - 008 Music and Coils
E&M: AC - 009 Marshmallows in the Microwave

A standing wave pattern is visible on an array of marshmallows placed in a microwave

A pattern of marshmallows created by the standing wave in a microwave
E&M: AC - 010 Voltage of a Household Outlet

Production of a the sinewave created by the current from a household outlet.

Household Outlet apparatus
E&M: AC - 011 High-Pass and Low-Pass Filters

A demonstration of the effects of both/either a high pass filter and a low pass filter on an signal.

A function generator sends a signal to both inputs of the oscilloscope - 1 input is connected to a filter, the other is not.
E&M: C - 001 Copper and Chromel Wire Segments

A strand of wire composed of differing materials (Cu and NiCr) demonstrates how the amount of heat produced differs with resistance.

Apparatus consisting of a strand of different segments of wire
E&M: C - 002 Electric Lamps in Series and in Parallel

Two light bulbs of differing wattage are connected in series and in parallel with the AC outlet.

Two lightbulbs, a switch, and 4 wires rest on a table top
E&M: C - 003 Model Transmission Line
E&M: C - 005 Lamp with Heat

The wires providing power to a light bulb are heated.  As a result, the light bulb gets dimmer.

Light bulb with wires on ring stand, bunsen burner, striker
E&M: C - 007 Homemade Battery to Light Lightbulb
E&M: C - 008 Electrocute a Pickle

A pickle is electrocuted using current from a standard wall outlet.

A pickle is connected to an AC switch
E&M: C - 009 Voltaic EMF of an Electrolyte
E&M: C - 012 Discharge of Electricity Through Gases
E&M: C - 013 Current Produced by Moving Charges
E&M: C - 014 Electric Field of a Plasma Ball

A discharge tube brought near a plasma ball will light up.

Small plasma ball, Discharge tube
E&M: C - 015 Ideal and Real Batteries

Lamps are added in parallel to current supplied by both a battery and a power supply; a noticeable difference in brightness is evident due to the internal resistance of the battery.

Power Supply, 3 bulbs in parallel, a 9V battery, a multimeter
E&M: C - 016 Photoelectric Effect

A flashlight shone onto a photoelectric tube creates an audible sound; a UV LED produces a current spike in an analog ammeter

Audio photoelectric apparatus + Flashlight
E&M: C - 017 Copper Wires of Different Cross-Sectional Areas

The voltage drop across two sections of wire having different cross-sectional areas is measured.

A red wire and a black wire in series
E&M: C - 018 Alternating Current RC Series Circuit

A frequency generator is used to produce a square wave that shows the charge and discharge curves of an RC series circuit

Oscilloscope output of a capacitor and the power source
E&M: C - 019 Direct Current RC Series Circuit

The charge and discharge curves of a DC RC Series circuit are shown in conjunction with its effect on a light bulb.

DC Voltage vs. Time curve for RC circuit
E&M: C - 020 Decrease of Resistance with Decrease in Temperature

A light bulb is turned on and its wiring is submerged in liquid nitrogen.

A dewar of liquid nitrogen rests next to the light bulb apparatus.
E&M: C - 021 Piezoelectric Crystal
E&M: C - 022 Mechanical Model of Resistance

Ping pong balls travel down a board of nails to demonstrate resistance.

A board of nails, a hose, and a box of ping pong balls
E&M: C - 023 3 Batteries and 2 Bulbs

Two 9V batteries are connected in series with 2 bulbs.  A 3rd battery is added in parallel with one of the bulbs.

2 9V Batteries are in series with 2 bulbs.  A 3rd battery is in parallel with 1 bulb
E&M: C - 024 Mixed Circuit

1 90-W bulb and 3 25-W bulbs are connected in both series and parallel

3 25-watt bulbs, 1 90-watt bulb, and an AC switch
E&M: ES - 001 Charging Objects Electrically

An assortment of objects are used to demonstrate electrostatic charge and its effects.

Electroscope, Fur, Acrylic Rod
E&M: ES - 003 Spherical Conductors
E&M: ES - 004 Electrophorus

A device is used to produce a cyclical spark from electrostatic charge.

Electrophorus with fur resting on the demonstration bench
E&M: ES - 005 Franklin Bells
E&M: ES - 006 Large Electrostatic Device
E&M: ES - 008 More Personal Van de Graaff Experience

A person's hair stands on end if in contact with Van de Graaff generator

Van de Graaff with plastic stool and non-human hair substitute
E&M: ES - 009 Faraday Cage with Electroscope

A charged rod brought near an electroscope produces no result if the the electroscope is contained within a cage of conducting mesh.

An electroscope is inside a Faraday cage.  Next to it, a piece of fur and rod are resting.
E&M: ES - 010 Leyden Jar
E&M: ES - 011 Variable Capacitor

The effect of plate gap and dielectric presence on capacitance can be easily seen.

Variable capacitor, LCR meter, dielectric sheets
E&M: ES - 012 Exhibit of Capacitors

A visual display of capacitors of varying styles are available to show the students in the class.  

7 capacitors of varying styles
E&M: ES - 013 Van de Graaff Generator

The Van de Graaff generator and it's grounding device can be used to show discharge of static electricity.

Van de Graaff generator is connected to the grounding device.
E&M: ES - 014 Electrostatic Deflection of Electron Beam

Fur is used to charge a rod, which then deflects an electron beam

Cathode Ray Tube
E&M: ES - 015 Periodic Capacitor Discharge
E&M: ES - 016 Capacitor with Light Bulbs

A capacitor is charged using a 9V battery.  The capacitor is then discharged through a small light bulb.

A capacitor, a light bulb, and a battery