Identifier Title Demo Summary
M: D - 009 Water Rocket

A water-powered rocket is launched to an impressive height.

Water Rocket, Launcher, and Loading Funnel
M: D - 010 Coin and Cotton Falling Simultaneously in Air and in a Vacuum

All objects will fall at the same rate in the absence of air resistance

A coin and piece of cotton rest in a sealed tube.
M: D - 011 Collision Phenomena with Air Table

Pucks are set in motion in a frictionless environment.

3 pucks rest on an air table
M: D - 012 Inertial Balance

An inertial balance demonstrates how mass can be obtained without using gravity.

Inertial balance and masses
M: D - 013 Atwood's Machine

A working version of Atwood's Machine

Atwood's Machine
M: D - 015 Chaos Pendulum

A magnetic pendulum's motion is the result of forces created by the placement of 8 magnets.

Chaos pendulum rests on a table
M: D - 017 Bed of Nails

The lecturer rests on a bed of nails, yet remains unharmed.

A bed of nails in Cylcone colors
M: D - 018 Gravitational Force

A 1-kg mass is hung from a 20-N scale to demonstrate that acceleration due to gravity on earth is 9.8 m/s^2.

1-kg mass hangs from a 20-N scale
M: D - 019 Ramp and Wood Block

A wood block with 2 different sizes slides down a ramp at different rates.

A ramp with a wooden block resting on it.
M: D - 020 2 Pulleys + 3 Masses

A rope tied between 2 1-kg masses is hung over 2 identical pulleys.  A 500-g mass is hung from the horizontal rope and the angle is calculated.

3 masses hung from 2 pulleys
M: D - 021 Army Men with Parachutes

An army man with a parachute is tossed into the air.

Two army men (one yellow, one green) with blue parachutes
M: EngMom - 001 Bowling Ball Pendulum

A bowling ball suspended from the ceiling is used to demonstrate conservation of energy.

A bowling ball is suspended from the ceiling
M: EngMom - 002 Ballistic Pendulum

A ball is shot horizontally into a ballistic pendulum, which in turn moves a marker on a meter stick.  

Ballistic pendulum suspended from a horizontal rod.
M: EngMom - 003 Newton's Cradle

Traditional Newton's Cradle apparatus composed of 9 smaller balls and 1 larger ball.

Newton's Cradle apparatus
M: EngMom - 004 Toy Yo-Yo

Your choice of yo-yo from a small selection

Yellow Yo-yo, Green yo-yol, and White yo-yo
M: EngMom - 005 Black Board Pendulum

Even though the swing of a pendulum is interrupted, it will still return to its expected height.

Mobile black board with a horizontal line drawn on it; pendulum with a ball on the end is attached via magnet.
M: EngMom - 006 V-Track

A roller is sent down a v-shaped track.

V track in storage position
M: EngMom - 007 Wavy Track

2 types of rollers (smooth and rough) roll along a wavy track.

A wavy track, a piece of foam, and 2 rollers rest on a table.
M: EngMom - 008 Ball in Funnel

A ball moves around the inside of a funnel to demonstrate conservation of energy

A glass funnel rests next to 2 balls
M: EngMom - 010 Pile Driver
M: EngMom - 011 Double Cone and Diverging Ways

A double cone rolls on a diverging track in an unexpected manner.

A double cone rests on a diverging track.
M: EngMom - 012 Air Track

For details, see M: K - 9 

3 different sizes of air track
M: EngMom - 014 Flexible Track

A ball rolls on a flexible track; one side of apparatus has Loop-the-Loop and others side is U-shaped

Loop the Loop
M: EngMom - 015 Magic Rollback Can

A can will roll away from the lecturer, pause, and roll back toward the lecturer.

Yellow can
M: EngMom - 016 Hammer and Nail
M: EngMom - 017 Various Shapes

Various shapes with center of mass marked are thrown.

Various cardboard shapes: Circle, Snowman, Half-circle; A ping pong paddle; A foam amoeba w/ light
M: EngMom - 018 Hopper Popper

A rubber half-sphere is turned inside out and dropped providing surprising results.

2 hopper poppers rest on on the table.
M: EngMom - 019 The Rattleback

A rattleback, set in a rocking motion, will begin to rotate.

2 rattlebacks, one in the package, one not
M: EngMom - 020 The Vortex

A coin dropped into a funnel-like device swirls into an opening.

Yellow Vortex Apparatus
M: EngMom - 021 Happy/Sad Balls

Two balls are dropped onto the table - one bounces, the other does not. 

2 black balls rest on a table
M: EngMom - 022 Hooke's Law

Springs of differing spring constants are used to demonstrate Hooke's Law

3 different colored springs of different spring constants have identical masses hanging from them
M: EngMom - 023 Ball on Vertical Spring

A ball is compressed on a vertical spring and released.

A rod with a spring is clamped to a bench; a whiffle ball rests on top of the spring
M: EngMom - 024 Astroblaster, etc.

A stack of balls is dropped, resulting in unexpected results for the top-most ball.

Basketball, Superball, and Astroblaster
M: EngMom - 025 Map of Iowa

A map of Iowa is used to determine center of mass.

Map of Iowa hanging from a ring stand
M: EngMom - 026 Breaking Boards

Square boards are broken using either the lecturer's hand or foot.

2 square boards are stacked and placed across a gap between 2 large wooden blocks
M: K - 001 Addition of Displacement Vectors

A self-propelled car is used in conjunction with overhead transparencies to model vectors and vector addition

Overhead transparencies, white paper, self-propelled car, overhead markers
M: K - 002 Jumping Ball

A ball is launched vertically from a car in motion.  The ball will follow an arched path and return to the car.

M: K - 003 Shot/Dropped Balls

A ball is launched horizontally.  At the same time, a ball is released from rest to fall vertically. 

Shot/Dropped Ball Apparatus
M: K - 004 Shoot the Target

A dart is shot at a falling target.

Dart gun rests against apparatus
M: K - 006 Vectors

An apparatus consisting of wooden arrows is used to show vector addition.

Mounted vector apparatus
M: K - 007 Roller on Inclined Plane
M: K - 008 Free Fall with Spark Tape

Spark tape is used to create a visual demonstration of acceleration due to gravity.

Spark tape connected to the free fall apparatus
M: K - 009 Air Track

An air track (1 of 3 sizes) is used to demonstrate assorted concepts related to kinematics, dynamics, energy, and momentum.

Large air track, small air track, and air track mini in the lecture hall
M: Rot - 001 Moment of Inertia Using a Ramp

Objects of similar size that are weighted different are rolled down a ramp to see the effects of their moments of inertia on their motion.

Ramp with rolling objects
M: Rot - 002 Spinning Rod

A rod with mobile weights on the end is set rotating;  A cord is pulled to bring the weights near the center, thus changing the speed of rotation

Spinning rod apparatus
M: Rot - 003 Rotating Platform - Conservation of Angular Momentum

A person sits on a rotating platform and extends their arms outward (with barbells).  As they rotate, they bring their arms in to their chest.

Rotating platform, stool, and barbells
M: Rot - 004 Motor-Driven Gyroscope

A motorized gyroscope demonstrates gyroscopic motion.  2 weights are included in order to vary the motion.

Motor-driven Gyroscope
M: Rot - 005 Free-Fall Rotation

A hinged board is allowed to fall from an angle of 70 degrees.  In doing so, a ball resting on the end of the board falls into a cup mounted closer to the axis of rotation.

A wooden board connected with a hinge to another board is propped at a 70 degree angle with a ball on the outer edge.
M: Rot - 006 Bowling Ball on Air
M: Rot - 007 Bars with Different Moments of Inertia

Two bars of equal mass have different moments of inertia, which is evident upon attempting to rotate them.

2 Bars with Different Moments of Inertia