Identifier Title Demo Summary
L: GO - 044 Total Internal Reflection in a Stream of Water

A laser beam is passed though a box of water.  Rather than strike the wall, the beam follows the path of the water as it drains from the box.

Water drains from a lucite box as a laser is shown into it
L: GO - 045 Blackboard Optics Kit

A 5-beam Laser Box is used in conjunction with various mirrors and lenses to show concepts in geometric optics.

Blackboard Optics Kit
L: GO - 046 Smoke Box

Liquid smoke (Poof!) is used to make laser beams visible in an enclosed case.

3 green laser beams are visible inside the smoke box as they pass through a lense
L: GO - 053 Plastic Blocks with Laser

A laser beam is passed through plastic blocks

Triangular plastic block and rectangular plastic block
L: GO - 054 Fiber Optics

A fiber optic cable

Fiber optic cable
L: GO - 056 Small Concave Mirrors with Toys

Small black discs composed of concave mirrors are used to produce an image (mirage) of a small toy placed inside the disk (pig, button, bolt, etc)

3 Mirage Toys
L: GO - 057 Smiley on Bulb

The inverted image of a light bulb with a smiley face drawn on it is projected onto a wall.

Smiley face on a bulb
L: GO - 061 Lenses

A set of lenses regularly available to loan for off-site demonstrations

2 Boxes of Lenses
L: GO - 52 Microwave Reflection
L: W - 006 Dispersion by a Prism

A narrow beam of white light is passed through a prism, creating a continuous spectrum on the wall.

continuous spectrum
L: W - 016 Prisms

A selection of prisms readily available for use outside of Physics Hall.

4 prisms housed in pink foam
L: W - 018 Newton's Rings

Interference between 2 thin films can be seen under the document camera and projected for the lecture hall to see

Newton's Ring Apparatus on Document Camera
L: W - 019 Bubbles and Light Interference

Light shown through a bubble produces an array of colors due to interference of the inner and outer walls of the bubble

A bubble in front of a CENCO lamp produces a colorful array
L: W - 021 Michelson Interferometer
L: W - 022 Cornell Slit Film

A Cornell Slit Film is used to show single, double, and multiple slit diffraction

Cornell slit film apparatus mounted on a tripod
L: W - 024 Diffraction Grating with White Light

Slide projector with diffraction grating attached to lense

Concept Overview:

Continuous spectrum created through the diffraction of white light
L: W - 025 Brewster's Angle
L: W - 026 Wooden Bars with Rectangular Cross Sections

Same as M: WM&S - 26

L: W - 027 Polarizing Lenses

3 polarizing plates can be used with an overhead projector to show the polarization of light.

Overhead projector with polarizing plates
L: W - 029 Calcite
L: W - 032 Light Scattered by Powdered Milk
L: W - 041 Uranium Glass

Light from a violet laser pen is directed at a piece of Uranium glass; fluorescence occurs.

Uranium glass fluoresces in the presence of violet and UV light
L: W - 043 Photoelectric Effect

Visual and audio demonstration of photoelectrics

Photoelectric Apparatus
L: W - 049 Diffraction Gratings and Spectra
L: W - 051 Hologram
L: W - 055 Model of Eye

A model of the human eye complete with an instruction manual

Model of the Human Eye
L: W - 058 Variable Width Single Slit DIffraction

The width of a single slit is varied to show how the diffraction pattern is affected by slit width.

Single-slit diffraction pattern
L: W - 059 Circular Aperture Diffraction and Interference

A green laser beam is sent through a single circular aperture or a double circular aperture

Laser Module and Circular Aperture
L: W - 060 Educational Diffraction Grating

A small educational diffraction grating is used with different colors of light to demonstrate optical effects.

Educational Diffraction Grating with Laser Pen
L: W - 23 Arago's Spot
L: W - 28 Mechanical Model of Polarization
M: CM - 001 Variable Angle
M: CM - 002 Conical Pendulum

A bowling ball suspended from the ceiling moves in a circular path once set in motion.

A bowling ball is suspended from the ceiling
M: CM - 003 Bucket of Water

A bucket of water is whirled in a vertical circle, with all water remaining safely inside the bucket.

Bucket and flask of colored water
M: CM - 004 Chain in Vertical Circle

A chain maintains a circular shape after being pushed off a wheel.

Motor with wheel attachment, circular chain, glass plate, and pen
M: CM - 005 Mechanical Model of a Cream Separator

When a crank is turned, balls of dissimilar mass separate as they move through their circular path.

Mechanical Model of Cream Separator
M: CM - 006 Steam Engine with Fly-ball Governor

The changing speed of a governor causes the fly balls to change the radius of their circular path.

Engine with a flyball governor
M: CM - 007 Wooden Arc Puzzle

A puzzle uses the principles of circular motion to solve - get both balls into their locations on opposite sides of the arc.

The wooden arc puzzle rests on the table.
M: CM - 009 Penny on a Coat Hanger

A quarter remains attached to a hanger when spun in a vertical circle.

A hanger and a quarter
M: CM - 010 Merry-Go-Round

A wheel with a piece of clay on it is sped up until the clay flies from the wheel.

Motor with rotating platform and piece of clay
M: CM - 011 Bicycle Wheel

A small bicycle wheel is mounted to a cart or bench for use in explaining circular or rotational motion

A small bicycle wheel is mounted to a cart
M: CM - 012 Cycloid

A cycloid pattern is created on the chalk board.

The pattern of the cycloid apparatus is visible on the chalk board
M: CM - 013 Ball on a String

A tennis ball is attached to a string.

Tennis Ball on a String
M: D - 001 Spring-loaded Car

A car with a plunger moves away from a stationary board with differing masses on it.  

2 Plunger Cars, 1 lightweight brick, 1 heavy brick
M: D - 002 Action-Reaction Forces with Air Table

A car on a glass plate demonstrates Newton's 3rd Law using an air table for a frictionless environment.

A car and a glass plate on the air table
M: D - 003 Newton's 3rd Law on Scooters

Two students on scooters can pull toward each other on scooters.

Two scooters and a rope
M: D - 004 Two Carts of Unequal Mass that Move Apart

Two carts, one with a mass and the other without, are held together (with a spring between them) by a piece of string.  When the string is cut, the carts move away from each other.

Two carts of unequal mass, storage device, and scissors
M: D - 005 Air Track

See M: K - 9 for details.

Air tracks in 3 sizes
M: D - 006 Pedestal Inertia

A card on a pedestal is given a push.  The ball resting on top falls into the cub beneath the card.

Pedestal with a card on top has a ball on top of the card
M: D - 008 Pulling Paper from Vertical Rod

A piece of paper is pulled from beneath a vertical rod while the rod remains stationary.

Metal rod on piece of paper