More Personal Van de Graaff Experience


Van de Graaff with plastic stool and non-human hair substitute

Concept Overview:

1. Accumulation of static charge on an individual

Lecturer Procedure

Step(s) to Follow Expected Result

1. Ask student to stand on the stool and place their hand on the Van de Graaff generator.

2. Turn machine on.

3. Note results.

4. Touch grounding rod to sphere.

5. Turn off machine.

6. Check that student no longer has charge prior to stepping off stool, so to avoid painful discharge

The student's hair will begin to stand on end

ALTERNATE version that requires NO HUMAN VOLUNTEER:

1. Place cylinder on top of Van de Graaff generator

2. Turn machine on.

3. Repeat steps 3-5 above.

The strings will begin to stand on end as though they were someone's ha

Notes for success:

The student's hair should be thin and of moderate length.  It should be a little bit dirty (not enough to be greasy/sticky, but not freshly washed either.)


There are no spoken words with this recording.

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