Identifier Title Demo Summary
E&M: ES - 012 Exhibit of Capacitors

A visual display of capacitors of varying styles are available to show the students in the class.  

7 capacitors of varying styles
E&M: ES - 013 Van de Graaff Generator

The Van de Graaff generator and it's grounding device can be used to show discharge of static electricity.

Van de Graaff generator is connected to the grounding device.
E&M: ES - 014 Electrostatic Deflection of Electron Beam

Fur is used to charge a rod, which then deflects an electron beam

Cathode Ray Tube
E&M: ES - 015 Periodic Capacitor Discharge
E&M: ES - 016 Capacitor with Light Bulbs

A capacitor is charged using a 9V battery.  The capacitor is then discharged through a small light bulb.

A capacitor, a light bulb, and a battery
E&M: ES - 017 Van de Graaff and Pie Tins

Pie placed on top of a Van de Graaff generator fly off when the machine is turned on.

Pie tins rest atop a Van de Graaff generator
E&M: ES - 018 Van de Graaff with Lightning Rod

A lightning rod is used to draw electric charge from Van de Graaff and prevent discharge

A lightning rod attached to a Van de Graaff and discharge ball
E&M: ES - 019 Electric Field Lines

Grass seeds are sprinkled into a plexiglass container of castor oil that has 2 electrodes.  When voltage is applied across the electrodes, the seeds (dipoles) will align to show the electric field.  The image is projected using an overhead projector onto the wall of the lecture hall.

Electric Field lines formed from seeds in castor oil
E&M: ES - 020 Faraday Cage with Radio

A handheld radio is placed inside a cage made of copper wire mesh.  The signal ceases to be heard.

Faraday Cage, Hand-held radio, and aluminum foil
E&M: ES - 021 Dielectrics and Electrostatic Charge

The variable capacitor is used with the Van der Graaf generator to demonstrate dielectrics in electric fields

Van der Graaf Generator connected to variable capacitor
E&M: ES - 022 Equivalent Energy Storage of a Capacitor

Weights dropped from a height of 1 meter provide an audible measure of the amount of energy stored in each capacitor available for display.

Assorted capacitors and masses and a metal plate
E&M: ES - 023 Van de Graaff with Fluorescent Bulb

Discharge from a Van de Graaff machine lights a fluorescent light bulb.

Van de Graaff generator with grounding rod and a fluorescent light bulb
E&M: Ind - 001 Electromagnetic Induction

A small magnet is passed through a coil of wire connected to a voltmeter.  As the magnet passes through the coil, a spike can be read on the meter, showing that current has been created.

A coil of wire, an analog voltmeter, and a small magnet
E&M: Ind - 003 Mini-Electric Generator
E&M: Ind - 005 Electric Generator

Turning the crank of a motor lights 3 bulbs.

Electric generator is wired in parallel to 3 light bulbs
E&M: Ind - 006 Damping by Eddy Current Losses

A copper disk is allowed to swing between two electromagnets.  The motion is dampened by eddy currents.

Dual Electromagnet Apparatus connected to a DC switch
E&M: Ind - 008 Wireless Lamp
E&M: Ind - 009 The Transformer

A transformer is used to step down or step up the voltage of a an electrical outlet

Transformer connected to AC switch and multimeter
E&M: Ind - 010 Jumping Rings

Aluminum rings are launched into the air.

Electromagnet with iron core sits next to power stat.
E&M: Ind - 011 Spark
E&M: Ind - 012 The Choke Coil
E&M: Ind - 013 Current in a Capacitor Bank
E&M: Ind - 014 Jacob's Ladder

A large step-up transformer creates a visible arc

Jacob's Ladder Apparatus
E&M: Ind - 016 Comparison of Resistor and Inductor in Circuits
E&M: Ind - 017 RL Circuit

A waveform is produced on an oscilloscope to show voltage across a resistor and an inductor in a circuit

Apparatus for the RL Circuit Demo
E&M: Ind - 018 Faraday's Law with Oscilloscope
E&M: Ind - 019 Lenz's Law

A cylindrical magnet and a nonmagnetic cylinder are dropped down a long metal tube.  

A metal tube, a metal tube with a slit in the side, a cylindrical magnet, and a nonmagnetic cylinder
E&M: Ind - 021 Loop with Bulb and Electromagnet

A loop of wire near a magnetic field lights an LED

Electromagnet, Loop of wire, LED
E&M: Ind - 022 Lighting an LED with a Spike

A voltage spike is produced by an inductor.

Power Supply, Electromagnet with core, tap switch, LED
E&M: Ind - 023 Lenz's Law - Visible Motion

A magnetic ball rolls down a long L-brackete at a slower pace than a nonmagnetic ball.

Coffee Can, L-Bracket, Magnetic Ball, Nonmagentic Ball
E&M: Ind - 024 LRC Circuit
E&M: Ind - 025 LC Circuit
E&M: Ind - 026 Music and Coils

Sound is wirelessly transmitted from the hand-held radio to a speaker by using coils of wire.

2 coils of wire, a speaker, and a hand-held radio
E&M: Ind - 027 Faraday's Law in Earth's Magnetic Field
E&M: Ind - 028 Lighting an LED with Faraday's Law
E&M: M - 001 Magnetic Field Caused by Electric Current

A compass needle moves to realign with a magnetic field created as current flows through a wire.

A wire is suspended above a compass.
E&M: M - 002 Electromagnet with Nails

An iron rod inside a large solenoid becomes a magnet when current passes through the solenoid.

A solenoid with an iron core sits next to a box of nails.
E&M: M - 003 Lifting Magnet

4 D-cell batteries are used to lift a 25-lb weight.

A small electromagnet is suspended above a plate attached to a 25-lb weight.
E&M: M - 004 Magnetization vs. Electrification

Bar magnets and the electrostatics equipment are used to show that magnetization has no effect on electrical behavior.

Magnet + magnet on rotating stand
E&M: M - 005 Jumping Wire

Current flowing through a wire located in a magnetic field will cause the wire to jump.

Wire hangs between poles of large Megatron magnet
E&M: M - 007 DC Electric Motor

A DC electric motor is used to show how electricity and magnetism cause a motor to work.

A DC motor and a power supply sit on a cart
E&M: M - 008 D'Arsonval Galvantometer

Demonstration of a working D'Arsonval Galvanometer.

D'Arsenval Galvanometer
E&M: M - 009 Magnetic Materials
E&M: M - 010 Penetration of magnetic Effects

Different materials are used to show the ability of a magnetic field to penetrate through to the nails on the other side.

A magnet, a box of nails, and pieces of rubber, glass, plastic, iron, and copper
E&M: M - 012 Floating Magnet

One magnet floats above another due to repulsive forces.

Two donut-shaped magnets on an acrylic rod repel each other
E&M: M - 013 Breaking a Magnet

A magnet is broken to show that 2 magnets are created, not 2 disconnected poles

A bar magnet with 2 clearly marked poles
E&M: M - 014 Dip Needle

Device that shows the angle of Earth's Magnetic Field

Demonstration Magnetic Dip Needle and Compass
E&M: M - 015 Magnetization using Earth's Magnetic Field
E&M: M - 019 Curie Point
E&M: M - 020 The Hall Effect