Identifier Title Demo Summary
M: Rot - 008 Hoberman Sphere

A Hoberman Sphere hangs from the ceiling and is set rotation.  Pulling a cord causes the sphere to shrink, which in turn, causes the rotation to increase in speed.

A Hoberman Sphere
M: Rot - 009 Pulleys of Unequal Mass

Identical masses are hung from 2 pulleys that have different masses.  The masses are dropped at the same time and the effects of the differing moments of inertia is evident.

Two pulleys of different masses mounted on a stand rod
M: Rot - 010 Brass Gyroscope

A brass gyroscope is set in motion using a small motor.  It is then allowed to freely spin on the bench or floor.

Brass Gyroscope
M: Rot - 011 Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope

A bicycle wheel is used to demonstrate gyroscopic properties when used by someone on a rotating platform

A stool rests on a rotating platform.  Nearby, a bicycle wheel rests near a foot pedal-driven motor.
M: Rot - 012 Bicycle Wheel on Vertical Rod

A bicycle wheel balances on a vertical point to demonstrate simple gyroscopic behavior

A bicycle wheel rests on a bench next to a ring stand with a pointed tip
M: S - 001 Weighted Inclined Plane Set

A weighted car rests on an inclined plane.  Masses are hung from pulley's attached to the car to hold it in place.  When the plane is removed, the car remains stationary.

An inclined plane with 2 masses hung from it.
M: S - 002 5-lb Weight in Center of Rope

A 5-lb weight is placed in the center of a piece of rope.  Someone attempts to make the rope horizontal.

A 5-lb weight is hung in the center of a piece of rope extended over the lecture bench and an additional demo bench
M: S - 004 Pulley Systems

An assortment of pulleys

4 separate pulleys hang from a horizontal rod.
M: S - 005 2 Scales and a Board

A board is placed across 2 scales.  A weight is rolled between scales to show how the weight is shared.

A board is placed across 2 antique scales
M: S - 006 Meter Stick on Movable Supports
M: S - 008 Tricky Disks

Two disks roll are allowed to roll on a ramp after being released from their position in the center of the ramp.  Due to weighting on one of the disks, it will roll uphill, whereas the non-weighted disk rolls downhill.  

Two wooden disks on an angled ramp
M: S - 009 Leaning Tower of Pisa

A model of the Leaning Tower of Pisa is used to demonstrate equilibrium.

Model of the Leaning Tower of Pisa with Top Removed
M: S - 012 String with Floating Object
M: S - 013 Differential Hoist
M: S - 014 Magic Yo-Yo

A large yo-yo

Large yo-yo
M: S - 016 Types of Equilibrium

Different types of equilibrium are demonstrated using various pieces of equipment.

A basketball, a round flask with ball bearing (mounted), and a metal cone
M: S - 017 Screwjack

A simple screwjack is used to show mechanical advantage and simple machines

A screw Jack
M: S - 018 Model Sailboat
M: S - 020 Stacking Boards

7 boards are stacked in such a way that one extends out over the lecture bench.

7 boards stacked in an arch formation
M: S - 021 Clown on a Unicycle

A clown rides a unicycle down a piece of wire or string.

Clown on a unicycle
M: S - 022 Large Pulley System

A large pulley system uses a 5-lb barbell to suspend a 25-lb mass.

Close up of the ropes of the pulley - 6 ropes and 1 to pull
M: SHM - 001 Shadows of Simple Harmonic Motion

The shadows of both a mass oscillating vertically on a spring and a mass rotating in a vertical circular path are projected onto the board to show similarities in motion.

Shadow of a ball in circular motion and a cube in vertical oscillation projected onto a whiteboard
M: SHM - 002 Vibrating Hacksaw Blade
M: SHM - 003 Bowling Ball for Simple Harmonic Motion

A bowling ball suspended from the ceiling oscillates back and forth providing an opportunity for calculations.

A bowling ball is suspended from the ceiling
M: SHM - 005 Heavy Physical Pendulum (Irregular Shape)

A large, black, irregularly-shaped pendulum

Irregular pendulum on stand rod
M: SHM - 006 Wilburforce Pendulum
M: SHM - 007 Lissajous Patterns
M: SHM - 008 Large Torsional Pendulum

A large torsional pendulum is rotated to provide oscillation

Large torsional pendulum
M: SHM - 009 Metronome

A metronome is used to demonstrate the effect that length has on period

A wooden metronome
M: SHM - 010 Forced Resonance on a Glider

A glider on an air track is given an external frequency.  As the external frequency is changed, eventually resonance occurs.

Air track mini with glider connected to motor
M: SHM - 011 Resonance Gyroscope

A gyroscope set in motion causes prongs to vibrate.  As the speed changes, the frequency of vibration changes, and different prongs exhibit resonance.

A resonance gyroscope rests on a table
M: SHM - 012 Identical Springs with Identical Masses

2 identical masses are hung from 2 identical springs.  The springs are stretched to different lengths and the masses are released.

Two identical masses hang from identical springs attached to a horizontal rod
M: SHM - 013 SHM on Short Air Track

A glider on a frictionless surface oscillates between 2 springs

A glider is connected to the two ends of the air track by springs
M: SHM - 014 Pendulum - Same Length, Different Mass

Two pendulums of identical length have different masses attached at the end

2 pendulums - same length, different mass
M: SHM - 015 Pendulum - Different Length, Same Mass

2 pendula have identical masses attached, but one is 4 times longer than the other.

2 pendula of identical mass but differing length
M: SHM - 016 Same Spring with Different Masses

Two identical springs have masses of differing amounts hung from them.  They are set in oscillation.

Two identical springs with different masses suspended from them
M: SHM - 017 Different Springs with Identical Masses in Oscillation

Two identical masses are hung from springs of differing spring constants and set in motion

Two identical masses are suspended from springs of differing spring constants
M: WM&S - 001 Columbia Wave Machine

By turning a crank, students can see particle motion in 3 different types of waves.

Columbia Wave Machine
M: WM&S - 002 Standing Waves Driven by Motor

A standing wave is created using a rope that fluoresces in the presence of a black light.

Standing wave apparatus set up on 2 demo benches
M: WM&S - 002.5 Hand-Driven Waves

A transverse wave pulse is sent along a rope or coil, depending on lecturer preference

Rope is connected to the lecture bench
M: WM&S - 003 Giant Slinky

A giant slinky, suspended horizontally, is used to produce a longitudinal (compression) wave.

Giant slinky suspended horizontally
M: WM&S - 004 Ripple Tank

Water in a ripple tank is used to demonstrate wave interference and diffraction.

A ripple tank sits atop an over head projector
M: WM&S - 006 Mechanical Model of Refraction
M: WM&S - 007 Mechanical Model of Standing Waves
M: WM&S - 008 Standing Waves on Oscilloscope
M: WM&S - 009 Chladni Plates

A pattern of sand is produced by standing waves created on a vibrating plate.

Chladni plate apparatus connected to a frequency generator and stereo amplifier
M: WM&S - 010 Tuning Fork and Ball on a String

A tuning fork causes a ball on a string to move with surprising amplitude.

A ball on a string hangs vertically next to a tuning fork connected to a resonating box
M: WM&S - 013 Air Currents and Rotating Disk
M: WM&S - 014 Bell in a Jar: Sound in a Vacuum

A bell ringing in a jar cannot be heard when air has been removed from the jar

A bell is contained within an air tight jar.
M: WM&S - 015 Reflection of Sound Waves