Mixed Circuit


3 25-watt bulbs, 1 90-watt bulb, and an AC switch

Concept Overview:

1. In a mixed circuit, in series, the highest resistance will have the greatest voltage drop.

2. As parallel branches are added, the total resistance of the circuit decreases.

Lecturer Procedure

Step(s) to Follow Expected Result

1. Connect 1 25-W bulb and the 90-W bulb in series with the switch.

2. Note the brightness of each bulb.

3. Add a 2nd 25-W bulb in parallel with the 1st 25-W bulb.

4. Note the brightness of the first 2 bulbs.

5. Add the 3rd 25-W bulb in parallel with the first 2 bulbs.

6. Note the brightness of each of the bulbs.

As bulbs are added in parallel:

a. The brightness of the 25-W bulb will note change.

b. The brightness of the 90-W bulb will increase



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E&M: C - 024