Identifier Title Demo Summary
T: H - 014 Thermal Conductivity Comparison

Rods of various metals have steel balls attached by wax.  One end of the rods are heated in the flame of a bunsen burner.  Over time, the balls on the rods drop off at different times.

3 ring stands with rods of different metals.  The rods have balls attached by wax.  All three rods converge over a bunsen burner
T: H - 015 Boiling Water in Plastic Bottle
T: H - 016 Paper with Wood and Metal
T: H - 017 Davy Safety Lamp
T: H - 018 Convection of Gases

2  demonstrations that show air movement caused by differences in temperature.

A candle in a glass tube and a chimney with a horizontal windmill.
T: H - 019 Radiation Transfer with Mirrors

Two parabolic mirrors are used to transfer the heat from one, across the demo bench, to light matches in the other.

2 cones mounted across the bench from each other.
T: H - 020 Laser and Balloon
T: H - 024 Paraffin Cake and Dissimilar Cylinders

5 cylinders made of different metals are heated and placed on top of a paraffin cake to demonstrate their differences in specific heat.

5 dissimilar cylinders melt through paraffin at different rates
T: H - 025 Dry Ice

Pieces of dry ice are used to help students visualize the P vs. T graph for Carbon Dioxide

Styrofoam Cooler, Dry Ice, Tongs
T: H - 026 Regelation of Ice

Due to pressure, a wire melts through an ice cube that remains intact.

2 kg hang from a wire placed atop an ice cube - apparatus is hung from a ring stand; a cup of ice rests nearby
T: H - 027 Gyser
T: H - 028 Cryophorus

A cryophorus is used to demonstrate that freezing can occur by rapid evaporation

A cryophorus rests next to a dewar of liquid nitrogen
T: H - 030 Liquification of Air

An air balloon is dipped into liquid nitrogen to create liquid

Liquid nitrogen and a long air balloon
T: H - 032 Cloud in a Bottle
T: H - 033 Boiling Water with an Ice Cube

Water boils due to the presence of an ice cube.

Flask of water, bunsen burner, stand for boiling, ice cubes, gloves
T: H - 034 Fire Piston

Swift action of the plunger in an air-tight piston causes a tiny bit of cotton to immediately ignite

Two fire pistons, a cotton swab, and some cotton
T: H - 035 Pipe Pops its Cork due to Heating

Friction generated between wooden slats and a metal pipe causes water inside the pipe to vaporize, thus blowing the stopper out of the end.

A wheel, a motor with an attached pipe, 2 allen wrenches, and hinged wooden slats
T: H - 036 Hero's Engine
T: H - 037 Gas Model
T: H - 038 Dipping Duck

A duck dips into a glass of water continuously.

Dipping duck and a small beaker
T: H - 039 Models of Steam and Gasoline Engines

Two cut-away locomotive engines are available for display

Two cut-away locomotive engines
T: H - 040 Solid Phase Heat Engine
T: H - 042 Triple Point of Liquid Nitrogen

Nitrogen exists at a solid, liquid and gas at the same time.

Triple Point Apparatus
T: H - 043 Boyle's Law with Syringes

Syringes with weights are used to demonstrate Boyle's Law.

1-kg mass atop a piston made from a syringe and wood blocks; an extra weight rests nearby
T: H - 044 Thermoelectric Converter

A fan is powered entirely by differences in temperature between 2 beakers of water.

Thermoelectric converter rests in a beaker of hot water and cold water.
T: H - 047 Stirling Cycle Heat Engine

Stirling Cycle Engine (working model + cutaway)

Stirling Cycle Engine
T: H - 048 Holding a Test Tube of Boiling Water

A test tube of water is held near the bottom while the top is tilted into the flame of a bunsen burner.

Test Tube of Water, Bunsen Burner, Striker
T: H - 049 Thermobile
T: H - 050 Elasticity of Rubber

A stretched rubber band will contract when heated.

Mounted Ruler, Rubber Band with 1-kg mass attached, heat gun being used on the rubber band
T: H - 051 Steel Wool and Liquid Oxygen

Steel wool immersed in liquid oxygen will easily catch fire

Liquid oxygen, steel wool, tongs, beaker
T: H - 052 Bimetallic Strips with Light Bulbs

A bimetallic strip is used to light one of 2 bulbs, depending on which direction it bends when it is heated.

Light bulb and bimetallic strip apparatus
T: H - 053 Diatomic Model

A ball and stick model of a diatomic atom

2 tennis balls on the ends of a stick; 2 power balls on the ends of a small stick