Set-up Instructions for E&M: C - 18

Equipment Locations
Item Location
Function Generator Set 1, Cabinet 1, Shelf 4
Oscilloscope Set 22, Cabinet 13, Shelf 2
Variable Capacitor (orange) Set 17, Cabinet 2, Shelf 2
Variable Resistor (black0 Set 18, Cabinet 1, Shelf 3
Isolation Transformer Set 4, Cabinet 1, Shelf 4

Set-up Instructions:

1. Plug oscilloscope into the Isolation Transformer.

2. Plug both the function generator and the isolation transformer into the utility cart

3. Connect the function generator in series with the variable capacitor and the variable resistor, as shown below:

Function generator, oscilloscope, variable capacitor, variable resistor

4. Connect Channel 1 of the oscilloscope across the variable capacitor.  Connect Channel 2 of the oscilloscope across the function generator.  See the crude wiring diagram below:

Wiring guide for circuit

5. Adjust values according to the chart above and check to verify that the image on the oscilloscope is correct.  A frequent mistake is forgetting to set the frequency generator to "square wave."