Set-up Instructions for E&M: AC - 11

Equipment Locations
Item Location
Oscilloscope Beneath demo bench
Function Generator Set 1, Cabinet 1, Shelf 2-3
High Pass Filter Set 2, Cabinet 2, Shelf 3
Low Pass Filter

Set-up Instructions:

1. Connect a BNC splitter to the output of the function generator.

2. Connect 1 cable directly from 1 side of the splitter to channel 2 of the oscilloscope.

3. Connect another cable from the other side of the splitter to the filter of choice.  

4. Connect filter directly to channel 1 of the oscilloscope.

A high-pass and low-pass filter rest on a lecture bench

5. Test that the display is as expected:  As frequency changes, the amplitude of channel 2 should not change.  However, the amplitude of channel 1 will change depending on the type of filter you have hooked up.