Set-up Instructions for E&M: AC - 001

Equipment Locations
Item Location
Function Generator Set 1, Cabinet 1, Shelf 4
Oscilloscope + Laptop TLC Desk
Orange Capacitance Box Set 17, Cabinet 2, Shelf 2
Variable Inductor Set 18, Cabinet 1, Shelf 3
6 Ohm Lightbulb Set 3, Cabinet 3, Shelf 3

Set-up Instructions:

1. Connect the function generator to the inductor, capacitance box, and light bulb in series.

2. Set Channel 1 on the oscilloscope to measure the output of the function generator.

3. Set Channel 2 on the oscilloscope to measure the voltage drop across the light bulb.

4. Set the function generator to 1300 Hz, the inductor to 30 mH, and the capacitance box to 470 nF.  

See crude wiring diagram below for extra assistance with the set-up:

Wiring diagram for AC1