Levitation with a Super Conductor


A dewar of liquid nitrogen, a small beaker, a super conductor in a beaker bottom dish rest on a table

Concept Overview:

1. Superconductors

2. Quantum Locking

3. Quantum Levitation

4. Meisner Effect

Lecturer Demonstration

Step(s) to Follow Expected Result

1. Place the super conductor in the beaker bottom.

2. Place the beaker bottom in the styrofoam plate

3. Use the small beaker on wire to pour liquid nitrogen around it on the styrofoam plate.

4. Once cooled, use the plastic tongs to pick up a small magnet and place it over the super conductor.

The magnet will levitate above the magnet.  (See Images below for a visual of what to expect)

A small cube magnet levitates above a superconductor in liquid nitrogen            A small disk superconductor levitates above a superconductor cooled in liquid nitrogen            A zoomed-out image of a magnet levitating above a super conductor.

E&M: M - 038