Identifier Title Demo Summarysort descending
E&M: C - 023 3 Batteries and 2 Bulbs

Two 9V batteries are connected in series with 2 bulbs.  A 3rd battery is added in parallel with one of the bulbs.

2 9V Batteries are in series with 2 bulbs.  A 3rd battery is in parallel with 1 bulb
M: Rot - 007 Bars with Different Moments of Inertia

Two bars of equal mass have different moments of inertia, which is evident upon attempting to rotate them.

2 Bars with Different Moments of Inertia
M: EngMom - 021 Happy/Sad Balls

Two balls are dropped onto the table - one bounces, the other does not. 

2 black balls rest on a table
L: GO - 061 Lenses

A set of lenses regularly available to loan for off-site demonstrations

2 Boxes of Lenses
E&M: Ind - 026 Music and Coils

Sound is wirelessly transmitted from the hand-held radio to a speaker by using coils of wire.

2 coils of wire, a speaker, and a hand-held radio
T: H - 019 Radiation Transfer with Mirrors

Two parabolic mirrors are used to transfer the heat from one, across the demo bench, to light matches in the other.

2 cones mounted across the bench from each other.
M: EngMom - 018 Hopper Popper

A rubber half-sphere is turned inside out and dropped providing surprising results.

2 hopper poppers rest on on the table.
T: H - 026 Regelation of Ice

Due to pressure, a wire melts through an ice cube that remains intact.

2 kg hang from a wire placed atop an ice cube - apparatus is hung from a ring stand; a cup of ice rests nearby
M: SHM - 015 Pendulum - Different Length, Same Mass

2 pendula have identical masses attached, but one is 4 times longer than the other.

2 pendula of identical mass but differing length
M: SHM - 014 Pendulum - Same Length, Different Mass

Two pendulums of identical length have different masses attached at the end

2 pendulums - same length, different mass
M: D - 001 Spring-loaded Car

A car with a plunger moves away from a stationary board with differing masses on it.  

2 Plunger Cars, 1 lightweight brick, 1 heavy brick
M: EngMom - 019 The Rattleback

A rattleback, set in a rocking motion, will begin to rotate.

2 rattlebacks, one in the package, one not
Astro - 005 Comparison of Materials of Different Density

The density of different materials is calculated and compared.

2 Rocks of similar size, a metal ball, graduated cylinder, beaker, tray, and balance
M: EngMom - 026 Breaking Boards

Square boards are broken using either the lecturer's hand or foot.

2 square boards are stacked and placed across a gap between 2 large wooden blocks
T: H - 053 Diatomic Model

A ball and stick model of a diatomic atom

2 tennis balls on the ends of a stick; 2 power balls on the ends of a small stick
FL: HS - 026 Floating Objects

Objects placed in a beaker of water will float.

2000-mL beaker, black rubber ball, colored bouncy ball, wooden cylinder.
FL: HS - 027 Sinking Objects

Objects placed into a beaker of water will sink.

2000-mL beaker, towels, white/metallic ball, zinc cylinder
E&M: C - 025 Identical Bulbs in Series

3 Bulbs are connected in series to a power source

3 25-W bulbs are connected in series to an AC switch
E&M: C - 024 Mixed Circuit

1 90-W bulb and 3 25-W bulbs are connected in both series and parallel

3 25-watt bulbs, 1 90-watt bulb, and an AC switch
E&M: C - 026 Identical Bulbs in Parallel

3 identical bulbs are connected to a power source in parallel.

3 25W bulbs connected in parallel to an AC switch
M: EngMom - 022 Hooke's Law

Springs of differing spring constants are used to demonstrate Hooke's Law

3 different colored springs of different spring constants have identical masses hanging from them
M: EngMom - 012 Air Track

For details, see M: K - 9 

3 different sizes of air track
M: D - 020 2 Pulleys + 3 Masses

A rope tied between 2 1-kg masses is hung over 2 identical pulleys.  A 500-g mass is hung from the horizontal rope and the angle is calculated.

3 masses hung from 2 pulleys
L: GO - 056 Small Concave Mirrors with Toys

Small black discs composed of concave mirrors are used to produce an image (mirage) of a small toy placed inside the disk (pig, button, bolt, etc)

3 Mirage Toys
FL: ST - 005 Floating Paper Clips

Paper clips are floated on a body of water.  When soapy water is added, the paper clips sink move away from the soap and sink to the bottom.

Supplies for the demo are: a container of water, several small paperclips, a tool made from a larger paperclips, a small container of soapy water, and an eyedropper.
M: D - 011 Collision Phenomena with Air Table

Pucks are set in motion in a frictionless environment.

3 pucks rest on an air table
T: H - 014 Thermal Conductivity Comparison

Rods of various metals have steel balls attached by wax.  One end of the rods are heated in the flame of a bunsen burner.  Over time, the balls on the rods drop off at different times.

3 ring stands with rods of different metals.  The rods have balls attached by wax.  All three rods converge over a bunsen burner
M: WM&S - 033 Twirling Sound Hose

A long tube is whirled in a circular motion overhead to produce a single tone.  Whirling at a faster speed creates overtones/higher harmonics.

3 Twirling Sound Hoses
E&M: M - 039 3D Magnetic Domains

A 3-dimensional model of the magnetic field surrounding a magnet; apparatus is dissectable 

3D Domain Apparatus
L: W - 016 Prisms

A selection of prisms readily available for use outside of Physics Hall.

4 prisms housed in pink foam
M: S - 004 Pulley Systems

An assortment of pulleys

4 separate pulleys hang from a horizontal rod.
T: H - 024 Paraffin Cake and Dissimilar Cylinders

5 cylinders made of different metals are heated and placed on top of a paraffin cake to demonstrate their differences in specific heat.

5 dissimilar cylinders melt through paraffin at different rates
M: S - 022 Large Pulley System

A large pulley system uses a 5-lb barbell to suspend a 25-lb mass.

Close up of the ropes of the pulley - 6 ropes and 1 to pull
M: S - 020 Stacking Boards

7 boards are stacked in such a way that one extends out over the lecture bench.

7 boards stacked in an arch formation
E&M: ES - 012 Exhibit of Capacitors

A visual display of capacitors of varying styles are available to show the students in the class.  

7 capacitors of varying styles
FL: HS - 007 Lifting and Dropping a Mass with Changes in Pressure

An 84-lb weight is lifted as a result of a vacuum.

84-lb weight rests on a cart beneath a vacuum chamber apparatus.
M: S - 002 5-lb Weight in Center of Rope

A 5-lb weight is placed in the center of a piece of rope.  Someone attempts to make the rope horizontal.

A 5-lb weight is hung in the center of a piece of rope extended over the lecture bench and an additional demo bench
FL: HS - 025 Buoyancy Force Brings Ball to the Surface

A rubber ball is dropped into a beaker of water and pushed to the bottom.  When the pressure is released, the ball floats back to the top.

A 50-mL graduated cylinder, a 2000-mL beaker, and a black rubber ball
M: WM&S - 010 Tuning Fork and Ball on a String

A tuning fork causes a ball on a string to move with surprising amplitude.

A ball on a string hangs vertically next to a tuning fork connected to a resonating box
E&M: M - 013 Breaking a Magnet

A magnet is broken to show that 2 magnets are created, not 2 disconnected poles

A bar magnet with 2 clearly marked poles
M: S - 016 Types of Equilibrium

Different types of equilibrium are demonstrated using various pieces of equipment.

A basketball, a round flask with ball bearing (mounted), and a metal cone
M: D - 017 Bed of Nails

The lecturer rests on a bed of nails, yet remains unharmed.

A bed of nails in Cylcone colors
M: WM&S - 014 Bell in a Jar: Sound in a Vacuum

A bell ringing in a jar cannot be heard when air has been removed from the jar

A bell is contained within an air tight jar.
M: Rot - 012 Bicycle Wheel on Vertical Rod

A bicycle wheel balances on a vertical point to demonstrate simple gyroscopic behavior

A bicycle wheel rests on a bench next to a ring stand with a pointed tip
M: S - 005 2 Scales and a Board

A board is placed across 2 scales.  A weight is rolled between scales to show how the weight is shared.

A board is placed across 2 antique scales
E&M: C - 022 Mechanical Model of Resistance

Ping pong balls travel down a board of nails to demonstrate resistance.

A board of nails, a hose, and a box of ping pong balls
M: CM - 002 Conical Pendulum

A bowling ball suspended from the ceiling moves in a circular path once set in motion.

A bowling ball is suspended from the ceiling
M: EngMom - 001 Bowling Ball Pendulum

A bowling ball suspended from the ceiling is used to demonstrate conservation of energy.

A bowling ball is suspended from the ceiling
M: SHM - 003 Bowling Ball for Simple Harmonic Motion

A bowling ball suspended from the ceiling oscillates back and forth providing an opportunity for calculations.

A bowling ball is suspended from the ceiling
L: W - 019 Bubbles and Light Interference

Light shown through a bubble produces an array of colors due to interference of the inner and outer walls of the bubble

A bubble in front of a CENCO lamp produces a colorful array