Cylinder of Colored Water in Vat of Clear Water


Large container, glass cylinder, plastic piece, beaker of colored water

Concept Overview:

1. Pressure in a liquid is an outward normal force at the surface.

Lecturer Procedure for Demonstrations

Steps to Follow Expected Result

1. Place plastic over the bottom end of the cylinder.

2. Hold plastic in place as you lower it into the vat of water.

3. Remove hand and lower several more inches into the water.

4. SLOWLY pour dyed water from the beaker into the cylinder 

As the water is poured into the cylinder, the plastic piece will remain in place.  

When the water level in the cylinder is equal to that of the clear water, the plastic sheet will fall off.


1. Raise the cylinder with moderate speed from the vat of clear water. Column of colored water will remain intact for a noticeable amount of time before diffusing.



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FL: HS - 002